Compostable Packaging Film
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Evlon® by BI-AX International
Compostable Packaging Film Ready to Go Green? Completely Industrially Compostable The natural choice! Evlon® by BI-AX International


March 30 - April 1, 2016

ITR 2016
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Visit us in Orlando at the ITR conference.

September 28 - 30, 2015

Pack Expo Las Vegas
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada

Biodegradable Beauty

Save The World - Highlighting Hair with No Foil - Biodegradable replacement-Biodegradable Beauty

June 29 - July 1, 2015

Green Sports Alliance Summit
June 29 - July 1, 2015
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois

June 7-9, 2015

Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar & Expo
June 7-9, 2015
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia

March 29 - April 1, 2015

ICMA 25th Anniversary EXPO
March 29 - April 1, 2015
Arizona Grand Hotel
Phoenix, Arizona

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November 19, 2014

BlackburnNews.com: Midwestern Ontario Company Makes Corn-Based Plastic Film. "A Wingham-based company says it’s corn-based plastic film can now compete, price-wise, against traditional petroleum-based products..."  More...

PlasticNews.com: Firm cuts cost of PLA packaging film. "Bi-Ax International Inc. says its Evlon film has single-digit percentage price parity with conventional films..."  More...

Paper, Film & Foil Converter (PFFC): "BI-AX Corn-Based Film Achieves Price Parity..."  More...

November 18, 2014

PRWeb.com: Demand for Protective Garments Made with APTRA® Manufactured by BI-AX Skyrockets as Debate on Ebola Includes Possibility of Air Borne as well as Blood Borne Transmission. "Made with APTRA® breathable microporous film demand for made-in-America ProVent® 10,000 clothing by Kappler Inc. soars with two days of orders surpassing two years of annual sales..."  More...

The Wingham Free Press: "BI-AX Continues To Make Wingham Famous, This Time With APTRA®..."  More...

Exchange Magazine: "Demand for protective garments skyrockets as debate on Ebola includes possibility of air borne as well as blood borne transmission..."  More...

November 3, 2014

It Even "Sounds Fresh" - Evlon Compostable Biodegradable Plastic Film Now Comparably Priced With Petroleum-Based Products.

Corn-Based Evlon Film From BI-AX Gives Montreal's Aristo Cuisine's Premium Sandwiches a Feel-Good-Sound-Good Wrapper That Keeps Food Fresh and the Planet Green.

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Maket Wired

November 2-5, 2014

Thanks for stopping by at Pack Expo in Chicago, Nov. 2nd-5th, Booth # 7061

McCormick Place - Chicago, Illinois

August 18, 2014

Next Generation Bio-based Compostable Bag
Next Generation Bio-based Compostable Bag

August 15, 2014

ProSeal tray sealing solutions have been doing some qualifying testing, and have found Evlon film to process well on their equipment.

This is very encouraging news for the consumers looking for a sustainable compostable film lidding material for trays, and provides a greener solution for packaging companies moving away from Clamshell packages to lidded trays to meet the latest demands of large retailers wanting to reduce their overall amount of packaging.

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Nature Knows Commercial

Listen to the sound of goodness.

May 13, 2014

As the evolution of Evlon continues, and with the anticipated efficiencies gained by our improved ability to recycle, and increased volumes, we are able to offer a substantial volume discounts.

If you have been looking for ways to be compostable, sustainable, or greener, it is time to take another look at Evlon.

Call Brad Harrow @ Bi-Ax International at 519 357 1818

May 6, 2014 - FreshPlaza: Global Fresh Produce and Banana News

"The goal for food packaging is to safely deliver a product to consumers in the best condition possible. Evlon Taste Saver film, developed jointly by Cardinal Fresh and Bi-Ax International, fits the bill. Evlon Taste Saver is all the more interesting because it is made from 100 percent natural and sustainably sourced plant material."     More...

April 19, 2014

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