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Evlon® Compostable Packaging Film

Evlon can now be made with GMO-Free material!

EVLON® is a crystal clear film manufactured from either NatureWorks® PLA (Polylactide) or from Total Corbion PLA. PLA is derived from plants, widely accessible, renewable, natural resources. EVLON® film can be used in many packaging applications - either plain or printed and laminated, for horizontal and vertical packaging machines. EVLON® products can be industrially composted, and the material will breakdown and revert to carbon dioxide and water in less than 90 days.


Listen to the sound of goodness.

Biodegradable Beauty

Key Characteristics: 

  • High Stiffness
  • Superb Clarity
  • High Gloss
  • Wide Seal Range
  • Excellent Flavor and Aroma Barrier
  • Exceptional Twist Retention
  • Compostable

Evlon packaging film is an environmentally friendly alternative to oil-based plastic packaging.

The natural choice!

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